Blended Learning Experience

A Blended Learning Experience (ABLE) was formed to provide Schuylkill Haven students with the resources and flexibility to serve students who wish to learn online.  ABLE offers a wide range of computer-based courses that students take over the internet. Students may complete their courses from a school-based classroom, computer lab, home or other location with internet access.

The courses are developed and taught by Schuylkill Haven Area School District Teachers (grades 7-12) or high-quality Pennsylvania-certified teachers (grades K-6).  In addition, ABLE curriculum (unlike national providers) includes and assesses Pennsylvania state standards. Thus, ABLE delivers the same high-quality instruction found at Schuylkill Haven Area School District.

A variety of courses and academic levels are available. In the self-paced setting, students may work at their own pace as long as they meet deadlines. Since communication is integral to student success, SHASD teachers are available in person, by phone, in “virtual offices”, by email and within the actual course platforms. Teachers have frequent communication with students, primarily through written digital communication, e.g., email, and messaging within our course platforms. 


As a student of SHASD, access to all campus resources are available that include extra-curriculars, tutoring, use of facilities. Ultimately, we are here for you. We are flexible enough, and close to home that we can accommodate to all students!