This page is designated for parents, teachers, caregivers, and stakeholders of the students with disabilities. It Includes links to information, videos of trainings and information, and upcoming training or events that may be valuable to attend and learn. Please take the time to look through the links and read each description.

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If you have questions beyond this site, please contact the following people so we can further help you and build this site for future needs.

Laura Rice- Transition Coordinator- [email protected]
Ken Rossi- Director of Special Education- [email protected]


1. For Parents: Options after High School For Youth with Disabilities--Video

2. Office of Vocational Rehabilitation-The Pennsylvania Office of Vocational Rehabilitation, or OVR, provides vocational rehabilitation services to help persons with disabilities prepare for, obtain, or maintain employment. Link to their page and their resources.
       Office of Vocational Rehabilitation

Independent Living
1. Health Care Checklist- Transition to Adulthood
         Transition to Adulthood with Healthcare

2. Help with independent living in Schuylkill County
        ARCIL- Independent Living Support -Schuylkill County

3. Life Skills Curriculum- Teaching life skills to your child
              Life Skills Curriculum

Future Planning

1. What you need to know about supplemental security income (SSI) when your child turns 18-- YOU MUST REAPPLY
                   Parent Understanding for SSI.pdf

2. Understanding SSI when a person with a disability is working
                   WIPA Work Program-SSI

3. Is your child thinking of college? Find the right college for them?
             Find the Right College

         Grants for Students with Disabilities
          College Funding for Students with Disabilities
4. When a child turns 18, no matter the capacity to make decisions, has the legal right to make all legal and medical decisions unless going through the guardianship process. See more information below

1. Why your student/child needs to learn self-advocacy

Current Event/Trainings/Upcoming Trainings

1. 2021-2022 Online Parent Transition Training through the IU29
          1. Parent Sessions Sep-Dec 2021
          2.Parent Sessions Jan-May 2022
2. Peal Center - Transition Tuesday Parents Sessions and Pre-recorded Webinars
          1. Peal Center- parent trainings and recorded webinars